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Building & Sustaining Tailored Outdoor Spaces

Before the weeding and digging begin, we work with you to design your desired landscape. Through preliminary conversations, your unique garden will take shape on paper even if the language of plants is foreign to you. We know lives are busy and energy awareness is important, so we build energy-efficient and low-maintenance landscapes. We also forge life-long relationships with our clients because gardens never stop growing and changing. The Upright Landscape Design team is always available to answer your questions and help you as your new landscape matures or your tastes evolve.

Upright Landscape Client: Pippa Kiraly

“Colette Highberger is a joy to have working in my garden. She does twice the work in half the time anyone else ever has, and because she is so knowledgeable, things get cared for and pruned properly. Also, she’s happy to have me working alongside her as she teaches me what she is doing and why."
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